“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

– Romans 5:8


Like most “normal” men, I unapologetically dislike mowing the lawn (the few who actually claim to enjoy it I’m convinced are genetic aberrancies). When I go to my barber, most of our conversations revolve around our disdain for lawn care and tips on how to minimize the pain. My yard, in particular, is very difficult to mow—it is hilly, rocky, and dusty. The only thing that actually enjoys working on my lawn are the moles that live there. After 90 minutes of pushing the “self-propelled” mower around my property, I am grimy, dripping with sweat, smelling like gasoline, covered with tiny grass clippings, and scratching at hives that have developed because of my grass allergy. And the only sign of appreciation that I get for all my hard work is this—my three year old daughter saying, “Daddy stinky!”

The worst part is that my lawn feels like an obstacle course. My wife has lovingly planted flowers strategically around the house so that I have to gingerly mow around them in fear of chopping them into colorful confetti. I must admit that I have “accidentally” mowed over a few—that had the audacity to get in my way! Although the flowery confetti did look pretty gently studding my newly mowed grass, hiding it was time consuming.

On the perimeter of our walkway, my wife has planted a row of lavender. One day while I was “carefully” mowing the lawn, I inadvertently mowed over one of its twigs. The fresh scent of lavender filled the air. It was like blue sky after months of dreary rain. Ever since that time, I have made it a habit to “inadvertently” mow over some lavender every time I cut grass. Although this practice improves my mood, it unfortunately still does not improve my smell—my daughter still says, “Daddy stinky!”

Our Precious Lavender

Jesus Christ is our lavender. The blessing that he offered to the world was not fully realized until he allowed himself to be “cut down” for our sins. Like lavender, Christ’s sweet aroma of love, forgiveness, and grace poured from his body the day he died. For those who accept God’s gift in faith, the fragrance of Christ not only permeates our nostrils, but also our flesh, marrow, heart, and soul. This fragrance has a way of changing man completely. Amazing grace indeed!


Amazing Grace (key of D)


Amazing Grace (key of G)